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GLBT & Unmarried Couples

GLBT and non-traditional couples can count on us for friendly, compassionate and completely confidential legal advice and representation!

There are special challenges facing both GLBT and non-traditional 
couples who live in Pennsylvania. The same is true for unmarried opposite-sex couples, who lack the legal protections the system gives to legally married couples.

This makes it critical to seek out a trained, experienced attorney who is sensitive to these specific issues.

By getting the right advice and the right planning for their particular circumstances, a couple can provide in advance for what will happen in the event of death, serious illness, break-up or other catastrophic event.

We are also experienced at representing clients with special gender-related circumstances, such as transgender, non-binary, and other issues that did not exist a generation ago. We treat these clients with the same sensitivity and respect that every client has the right to expect.

BARRY RABIN has received advance training in advising and assisting GLBT, unmarried and non-traditional clients. We can create specially-tailored legal documents to deal with such critical issues as:
  • Determining what each party’s legal and property rights are if the relationship should break up (as many relationships unfortunately do).
  • Setting up ownership of real estate or other joint assets in a way that corresponds with your wishes.
  • Estate planning for GLBT & unmarried couples that anticipates inheritance and estate tax issues, and helps ensure that assets will pass upon death exactly as you want them to, not as state law would otherwise dictate.
  • Designating your partner as the one to make medical and end-of-life treatment decisions for you, and giving them the legal right to visit you in the hospital and get access to your medical information (both of which could otherwise be denied to them under federal and state medical privacy laws).
  • Designating your partner as the one who gets to make funeral, burial and other arrangements for you (without which your partner's wishes could be ignored in favor of your next of kin).

As with all of the other legal matters we handle, we treat each client’s matter with complete confidentiality, as well as sensitivity to your personal and relationship situation.
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